We're about people.

We believe brands need to learn from, engage with, and be around people. Welcome to our world.


Our nomadic network enables brands to launch experiences where people are. We are a turnkey execution partner to launch temporary environments. We connect product to place, for unique memories to be created at a specific time.


“We expect offline environments to operate with the agility and speed of our online experiences.”



Our Mission

To allow brands to be introduced to new geographies and new customers, providing ecommerce reach to tactile products. 


Test Products

Capture product performance metrics and brand engagement data

Build Awareness

Trained concierges share your brand's ethos 

Explore Locations

Extend your brand presence with coverage in new markets


Here you'll find emerging designers, artists, and established brands bringing their products to people in unique ways.


Our Clients


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Our Founder and CEO developed by REVEAL as a part of her thesis at Harvard's Graduate School of Design. She is trained as an architect and built the first tech-enabled REVEAL in the school's basement with the goal to launch physical environments that collect the data and geographic reach of ecommerce. Megan was named Fashion Group International's 2018 Rising Star and is a frequent keynote speaker alongside industry leaders including Google, L'Oréal, and MIT Media Lab.



Each day we are inspired by the creative visionaries around us. Even as a young startup, we do our part in elevating the next generation of change makers. Our designer-in-residence program incubates budding professionals with the resources to grow sustainable businesses.

NAHTE is a custom made-to-measure brand in New York City sourcing vegan and limited-edition fabrics locally. Schedule your fitting here.