Our Story

by REVEAL is a tech-enabled retail platform that can appear anywhere. We began our company with questions.


  • How can a designer have a store that is as geographically diverse as their social media following?

  • How can a brand appear in a hotel lobby today and a concert tomorrow?

  • Why is architecture built to last 50 years in one place when our economy is growing evermore transient?


Unexpected Things in Unexpected Places: Deploying a REVEAL is an opportunity to extend brand presence into the city, capture consumer insights and generate sales. Honed as her graduate thesis at Harvard, Megan Berry is the Founder and CEO of by REVEAL. by REVEAL's turnkey retail activations are limited-time engagements for brands to meet their consumers where they are. by REVEAL does everything from location logistics, concierge staffing, day-to-day boutique operations, and visual merchandising/ signage ensuring the experience is unique to each brand's ethos.

We are a group of creatives living in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas appearing with REVEALs in cities across the country. We help our clients test and learn faster so they can build sustainable businesses that are consistently relevant and hyper-responsive to attract their future loyal consumers. We have collaborated with brands of all sizes, helping each creative bring their vision to life.